Oceans and Climate



Nonlinear Ocean and Climate Dynamics

Work within this research theme at IMAU is centered around the applications of dynamical systems theory to problems in physical oceanography and climate. Subthemes are a. Mathematics of Planet Earth, b. Intrinsic Variability in the Climate System, and c. Turbulence and Mixing in Oceans and Lakes.

Theme leader: prof. Henk Dijkstra

Paleoclimate Dynamics and Tipping Points

In this theme, we try to unravel the physical mechanisms behind past climate transitions and tipping elements by using a hierarchy of ocean and climate models. Subthemes are a. Paleo-climate Dynamics, b. Climate Tipping Points, and c. Climate Response.

Theme leader: dr. Anna von der Heydt

Lagrangian Ocean Analysis

Work within this theme at IMAU is centered around numerical simulations of virtual particles within high-resolution ocean models.

Theme leader: dr. Erik van Sebille