International Workshop on Multimodal Virtual & Augmented Reality

MVAR is an international scientific workshop addressing all aspects of multimodal and interactive virtual and augmented reality. The first workshop was hosted in conjunction with the 18th ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (ACM ICMI 2016) in Tokyo, Japan, on November 16, 2016. The second MVAR workshop will take place in conjunction with the 17th International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (IEEE ISMAR 2018) in Munich, Germany, on October 16, 2018.

MVAR 2016 (logo)

MVAR 2016 (in conjunction with ACM ICMI 2016)

November 16, 2016, Tokyo, Japan

MVAR 2018 (logo)

MVAR 2018 (in conjunction with IEEE ISMAR 2018)

October 16, 2018, Munich, Germany