On 30th sept. 2014 the Repository of FITTEST has reached the edge of the Known Universe. The vessel shall continue its journey, into the Void. To prevent the knowledge it carries to go beyond our reach, an Unnamed scholar has collected various papers, tomes, and instruments of magick, just before the vessel left the edge. Some of these Collection has been put in an open shrine, for all to behold. The rest are kept safe in this site, guarded by the Gate Keeper. Those who seek to enter the Vault, shall need to find a key.

Open Shrine   |   Vault   |   ssh: (UU staff), (external guests, RO), in /science/wwwprojects/cs-fittest

We thank all people who have contributed to FITTEST: Peter M. Kruse, Joachim Wegener, Jirka Nasarek, Ulf Hesselbarth, Oliver Stadie, Kilian Sprotte, Bjoern Armbrust, Syed Islam, Yue Jia, Mark Harman, Kiran Lakhotia, Bilha Mendelson, Alon Aradi, Eitan Farchi, Rachel Tzoref, Onn Shehory, Yarden Nir-Buchbinder, Sebastian Bauersfeld, Nelly Condori Fernandez, Ana Cidad, Urko Rueda, Tanja Vos, Beatriz Marin, Arthur Baars, Raul Soriano, Ignacio Panach, Wishnu Prasetya, Alexander Elyasov, Jurriaan Hage, Arie Middelkoop, Roberto Tiella, Paolo Tonella, Cu Nguyen, Alessandro Marchetto, Etienne Brosse, Alessandra Bagnato, Andrey Sadovykh, Cyril Ballagny, Vesa Ekholm, Markus Halttunen, Elisa Puoskari, Mikko Wilkman.